No Plan, No Vision, No Leadership from 3 Career Politicians

Dear Friends,

Last Friday at the Shelby County Republican Forum for the US Senate and then again today at the Trussville Republican Event, I made the point that we have no vision or leadership from the 3 career politicians that are competing with me for the US Senate seat to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Senator Luther Strange has no support from the grassroots because of the underhanded way that he twisted the appointment from the corrupt Governor Robert Bentley, despite millions in ad buys to support him with attack ads.

Sadly, the attack ads about Mo Brooks and Roy Moore are true !… They have nothing to offer the people of Alabama, leaving voters looking for a true leader, someone with a plan to move Alabama forward, and willing to take the tough stance to end corruption.I WILL!!

They have no plans for job growth, trade, or health care reform that President Trump so desperately needs – I DO!

That is precisely why Citizens for Trump, along with Bikers for Trump has come out in mass to support our campaign to drain the swamp. Over the weekend, the bikers came from Florida and all across Alabama to come to our rally to solidify the support for our campaign.In addition, we have the support of the Put Veterans First PAC, because of our support for veterans health care in the private sector, along with the American Gastroenterology Assoc PAC and the American Family Association highest rating of VERY CONSERVATIVE, which none of the career politicians have achieved.

Most importantly, none of the other candidates have created jobs, nor payrolls, nor done any trade deals, nor have a healthcare plan that will free us from the tax burden and regulations of Obamacare. I HAVE!!!

So, I am asking you to consider someone that has the vision and leadership to move Alabama forward, creating jobs here and overseas for Alabama businesses, and creating a healthcare network to competitively bid for the Medicaid contracts. We must reform Medicaid and Medicare payments, that are breaking our budgets, both in Washington and Alabama, with worsening health care and outcomes.

Please look at the ads that I have listed below…..Let’s send someone from Alabama to Washington, not someone from Washington to Alabama

Lets put Alabama First!

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