Willing to know when you are going to be in need of a stamp? If yes, then we got your back. This post will let you know in what cases you are going to need a stamp.

First come first, if you want to send a post card to someone you need a stamp for that. Lets say you went on tour and then you arrived back to your residence, now you are willing to share your experience with someone through out a postcard or a letter you would be needing an envelope and a stamp. 

An envelope where you are going to insert your postcard and a stamp to meet the Government requirements to get your postcard sent to the designated address.

I have heard ton of stories where people fail to find a store which sells stamps for that thing I came across a guide which goes very deep in explaining from where one can buy stamps. The name of that guide is Where to buy stamps I have linked it for your reference purpose. You can give it a quick read and can see there are wide number of options available from where you can get stamps.

You might be required a postal stamp in case you are writing to Government. Yes, you heard it right in such cases you will be required to attach a stamp.

What is a Postage Stamp?

A postage stamp is a small piece of paper which is evidence to the government that you’ve paid for the mail service. You pay for the mail service, and you’re handed with a small piece of paper, kind of paper sticker, which you’ve to stick to the envelope of the letter. Now You might be thinking that what’s so special about these stamps, these are just a piece of paper. Though it’s a piece of paper, each stamp has a character on it which shows national designation.

This ranges from famous traditional figures to great cultural representations. It also has the country’s name printed adjacent to the designation. It holds valuable knowledge with regards to the nature of the mail, and it expedites it delivers till it reaches its destination.

Do watch out below video if you are interested in knowing the history of postal stamps

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