6 Newish Tech Fails You Might Not Have Heard Of

In the world of technology it seems that everyone has a voice, it also seems that there is new technology arriving on the marketplace each and every day. We all like to get our voice heard abut the newest, our favorites or what we dislike. We all especially like to hear of the fails so here are 6 relatively new tech fails we have seen in the world of technology.

1. Nokia Music Umlimited Never Took Off
“Please Say that again?” Is what I was thinking when I heard this had failed, but that’s not surprising that I didn’t know what it was because it never did manage to take to its wings and soar.

2. UK’s Plan To Filter Porn Simply Won’t Work
If you’ve heard of the great firewall of china you’ll know how frustrating it is for people in China to freely browse the web. They are behind a big firewall. In this case it is the UK who have a crazy plan to censor any porn, but while they go about thinking of how to do it, it seems it will never work anyway.

3. Russian Satellites Fail To Enter Orbit
The Russians were in the space race and were great contenders, and since then they have launched many orbiting satellites, though ssadly in this case the satellites didn’t make it into space at all.

4. iPhone 4 Signal Causes Problems
This was the buzz story on the tech fail side of things for quite some time. Apple had created a phone where it was hard not to block the signal from getting to the phone. Luckily people eventually found a workaround to the signal issues.

5. LAPD Wanted to Spend $7 Million On Gmail Accounts
This isn’t so much a fail on the LAPD’s side of things as they just wanted a better email service but it is when they expected Google to guaranteed their privacy. Something which can only mean trouble had Google claimed they definitely could and everyone knows web based email services aren’t guaranteed privacy.

6. Dell Sold Computers They Knew Would Fail
This sounds rather strange that a company would jeopardize relationships with clients, well in true fail style, Dell did go ahead and sell computers they knew would fail.