Speaking about Mmorpgs… Everquest was the first to implement “Alternate Advancement” meaning even if you’ve reached out the max level, you can still gather experience and exchange it for little perks like moving faster, increase damage mitigation and so on… It’s not based on levels and it’s excellent for players to feel that they can still learn something out of their travels. And then just make these little perks hard enough to get, in order to force the player to choose between them… as there won’t be enough experience in the whole game to choose them all, and you’re done ! Problem is solved ! It’s not that hard to make good use of experience you know…


Today i am speaking about Pillars of Eternity but it was the same issue in Dragon Age Inquisition… max at level 27 when i could have easily achieved a level 30 ! And in Pillars of Eternity i am sure level 20 would have been reachable considering how many things i still have to do ! Just put in a game something we can use our experience for, do not put a barrier “Sorry from now on… everything you do count as 0”.

It’s spoiling the fun… and think about all the time you have invested creating this game for us, all the creativity involved in imagining all of these quests and stories… Do you really want the player to feel good only during 75% of the game, and then largely less during the last 25% as the motivation to progress is over ?

When someone buys a game… he/she wants to get the most out of it ! To make it worth every dollars… Don’t put a wall in front of us, let us enjoy the experience until the end ! As i’ve said… i didn’t even begin the part 2 of White March, and i just played 5 hours into the Act 3… that means i easily have 30 hours in front of me playing without experience rewards… And new gear is not everything you know ! Developers… please think to that in your future creations. Completionists should not have to suffer from game mechanism by checking this link out!

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